To highlight your feminity our salon offers you, along with a thorough haircare, also the hair extensions and inspissation. You needn´t wait for years until you hair grows to a desired length. It only takes a few hours in the professional care of our experts and you will be enchanted by the results. 

Your hair are beeing prolonged with hair extensions in order to give it a natural, real hair look. They are added in strands, connected with the real hair as close to the head skin as possible. For a brilliant, long-lasting effect, it is appropriate to have the added strands loosen and moved to its original place every two or three months.  
For the perfect results, we chose high quality and well processed hair, that are arranged in cuticle´s direction.

About us

Hair extension with method BOND PLUS. Hairstyles for long hair -and hair extension RENELOOK studio Bratislava.

Hair loss, other hair damages or diseased hair is now a common occurrence for a young active person which can be a great psychological pressure. These are the reasons why the company Renelook started to deal with and specialize in just the issue of treatment of hair styling and innovative in this area which brings to our market the most advanced technology and procedures for hair extension.

Company RENELOOK offers you a delivery of wigs, hairpieces hair, purchase and sale of hair and other necessary materials for the hair extension and primarily services of the top hairdressers, where you can choose from an infinite number of hairstyles for long hair - hairstyles social, wedding hairstyles, and other special hairstyles for the long hair.
Our favorite beauty brands are the hair products of the company Loreal and Kerastase.

We offer:

•  hair extension and hair thickening

•  from synthetic fibers and human hair

•  services of hairdressing Renelook - Social, wedding and other hairstyles for long and short hair

•  custom production service of hair and the other accessories

Hair extension with method BOND PLUS belongs currently among the most sophisticated technology of hair extension and hair thickening.In the case of hair extensions we provide the supply of necessary materials, and also important for new customers is required training of hair extension with this method. The method BOND PLUS we have the license protection so we are able to ensure the exclusivity of the area. Wigs and hairpieces offer both man-made fibers, and from human hair. They are mechanically or manually fabricated.

Main advantages of this method :

The price of hair extension depends on type, density and lenght of the hair.


Samples of our work

Bridging small tubes are available in many colors, which guarantees a discreet link.

Hair extension application takes approximately 2 hours. Extended release is performed without the use of mechanical or chemical action. Hair can be lifted to 15 minutes.

To achieve the best possible effect, it is necessary to have the hair of minimal length of 10- 15 cm . This is especially the hair on her neck and sides of the head. Extension of the fringe is not recommended, because the joints would not hide under the other hair.

Extended hair is required after 2-4 months release and move back to its original location. Interval of displacement is dependent on the growth of the hair.

For treatment of extended hair it should be used the recommended products that regenerate the hair. To see photos visit link below.



Procedure for extension

Plastic tube joint is with use of special hook sliped on the customers hair and added to the strand of hair link at the joint with special unit heated to a temperature of 100-120 ° C. This will shrink its mutual connection and hair.

Platic tubes are available in 15 colors, which allows you to create a neat and discreet connections. On re-heating of the coupling is sufficient stream of added hair pulling them gently and release therefore does not damage your own hair or strand of hair added.

The application itself takes about 2 hours.

What else do you have to know:

To achieve the desired effect it is necessary that your hair should be a minimum length of 10- 15 cm .

Added hair strands are connected with their own hair at a distance of approximately 1 cm from the skin.

Depending on your hair growth is needed for 2-4 months strands release and move them back to its original location.

Use good quality and recommended products.


hair extensions and inspissation